Holy Improv invites you to explore what happens when you “let go and let God” in a whole new way.  Improvisational techniques long used in the theater world can be applied to worship, study, outreach and pastoral care with remarkable results.  We would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about what we do and see if our programs can be of service to your service.   

Comedy Bible Study:

Bring scriptures to life, and your congregation to tears—of laughter. Participants will learn the basics of Improvisation and teamwork through games and exercises suitable for every level of experience.  The principals of active listening, mutual support, and shared focus are taught and demonstrated through a variety of games and scene setups.  All are based in, or draw upon, scenarios, characters and ideas found in sacred texts.    

Change! Confronting grief with Improvisation: A Workshop for those surviving loss of loved ones, divorce, illnesses or disasters.

A Priest, A Rabbi, and an Imam are in a Lifeboat: Improvisation for Preachers and Pastors.  

Every phone call you take is an exercise in improvisation.  Every time you get cornered at a reception,  or are asked to choose sides in a ridiculous conflict, you are forced to simprovise.  Embrace it.  And never feel unprepared when asked to offer some words of spontaneous prayer. For you or your ministerial team, improvisation can become an indispensable tool.

Our Faculty

Our faculty consists of experienced Second City trained improvisers and teachers, and ordained clergy from mainline denominations. We work to ensure that both aspects of our workshops, the theatrical and the theological, are handled by the best in the field.  You deserve nothing less and we want nothing else.  

A Teaching

The holy Rabbi Beroka would often encounter an apparition of the Prophet Elijah in the marketplace.  Once he asked the prophet, “Is there anyone in this market who has a share in the world to come?”   Elijah replied, “Not one!”

Yet while they were talking, two men passed by and Elijah remarked, “These two have a share in the world to come!” 

Rabbi Baroka ran and stopped them, asking, “What is it that you two do?” 

They replied, “We are jesters, and we do what jesters do: when we see depressed people,  we cheer them up; and when we see two people quarreling, we strive hard to make peace between them.”

Bavli Ta’anit 22a

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